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There’s no magic potion that stops you from choosing a wrong role: Kangan Nangia

There’s no magic potion that stops you from choosing a wrong role, it’s all about learning from your mistakes: Kangan Nangia

By Sandeep Hattangadi | She may be a relative newcomer, but actress Kangan Baruah Nangia, who was last seen in Beyhadh 2, is sure that she will never accept roles that promote or support misogyny.

Ask Kangan if an actor can be choosy in the initial stages of his/her career, and she replies, “Of course, everyone can be choosy to an extent. There’s no one to stop you from choosing the kind of work you want to do.” So, how does she decide if a role is right for her or not?

“Well, there’s no magic potion that stops you from choosing a wrong role, it’s all about learning from your mistakes. All you can do is, read the script, understand your character, and see much you believe in it. If I believe in the character, I just go for it.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,”  she shares. On the work front, the actress was last seen in the show, Beyhadh 2.

Talking about her experience of working in it, she says, “I consider myself lucky that I got to work with such a good team. I am especially thankful to Jennifer Winget; she made me feel really comfortable on the sets, and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-actor. Shivin (Narang) and I have also become buddies now (laughs!).”

Given the popularity that the show enjoyed in its first season, Kangan admits that she did feel the pressure while becoming a part of Beyhadh 2. “I will not lie about it, I did feel a little pressure, as the first season was a huge hit. I felt that I had a huge responsibility on my shoulders and I need to give it my best,” she says.

Talking about giving her best, Kangan is determined to give her 100 per cent to every role, as becoming an actress has been her childhood dream. “I have always wanted to be an actor. As a child, I would mimic everyone and then, when I was in Class XI, I joined theatre. I just love acting,” she says, adding that if not an actor, she would have become a history teacher.

While most actresses rue having a short shelf life in the industry, Kangan has no such worries. She says, “On the contrary, I believe that this is the only field where there is no age for retirement. You can be a part of the profession for as long as your body supports you.”

On the personal front, the actress is happy that she spent the past few months (during the lockdown) with her family in Assam. “Given my hectic work schedule, I would hardly have time to talk to my parents.The lockdown gave me a chance to go back to my hometown and spend ample time with them. It was a welcome break, away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai,” she says.

On a parting note, we ask Kangan how she keeps herself positive and motivated during professional lows. “It’s very simple, I have a strong support system in my family and friends. They have been a part of my life long before I became an actor. So, whether I have work or not, I will always have their love and support. That sense of security and being loved keep me positive and motivated,” she signs off.

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