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Vincent Boral: Making his voicer heard in the showbiz industry

Vincent Boral an aspiring and emerging independent artist had a candid chat with Bombay FilmFame Magazine

“I used to love singing since my childhood. Me and my mother Jharna Rita Boral used to sing along. I also had a small band and was a part of church choir when I was in school. I performed in every school event and functions but never though singing would be my career at that time.”

Vincent Boral was born and raised in Kolkata. He did his schooling from St Mary’s and St Stephen’s. After completing his degree in Civil Engineering from Acharya Institutes, Bangalore, he shifted his base to Mumbai to get on with his music career more seriously.

It was during the lockdown; he thought of making a video of him singing “Perfect by Ed Sheeran” which came out beautifully, so he uploaded it on Instagram and YouTube. To his surprise, it got a great response and he continued uploading cover songs over his YouTube channel and social media. He gained a major audience from his cover of ‘Zara Zara’, “Kasoor Acoustic’, ‘Nazm Nazm’ etc.

“After coming to Mumbai, I faced how hard it is to become someone in the industry all by yourself. But by the support of my fans and my parents Jharna Rita Boral and Dipak Boral here I am today; chasing my dreams in the city of art and glamour.”

After doing a lot of covers, recently he has come up with his debut single “Kuch Na Chahida Mainu” which is been love and appreciated by the audience and has crossed million views over social media channels. I had a great experience shooting ‘Kuch Na chahida’ in Manali, got to learn a lot of things. I hope to keep learning more and more as the journey goes on.”

This year, he is planning to release back to back single. He is sure that his audience & fans will love it and will continue to shower their appreciation and support for him.

Q. Whom you want to collaborate with, in near future?

List is long because there are many who is doing great work. But as you asked, in near future I would love to collaborate with Akasa. I just love her vocal texture. I would also love to sing one of Pritam Chakraborty composition one day in future.

Q. How would you like to describe the music you wish to create? Any specific genre you prefer or enjoy most?

I have a very unique taste in music which has a bit of soft and punch to it. As a singer, I am focusing on the Indie pop and Indian pop with a Bollywood touch to it. And I love to listen every genre of music because it enhances my senses and skills.

Q. Everyone talks about how hard is it for young talents to make it big. But nobody tells about the available possibilities and opportunities for upcoming/ emerging talents where they can learn and grow as artists?

Yes, it’s really tough to become big in the saturated industry. There is no blueprint to be successful. It’s an individual’s journey but if u have the will and determination, you will find your ways to make it. As for me I am a self-made artist.

Q. What are your plans or artistic schedule for next six months?

Next one year is going to be very busy and exciting, I am planning to release singles back to back which I have been working on since long.

Q. Congratulations for your debut song “Kuch Na Chahida Mainu” it is being loved and appreciated by audience all over the social media platforms. Please share some of reviews with us.

Thank you so much. It feels overwhelming when your work is praise and received with such warmth. People loved the romantic lyrics and the melody of it a lot. The video has played a great deal in entertaining the audience and portraying my imagination through it.

Q. Who are you biggest Inspiration in life and profession?

Arijit Singh and Atif Aslam have been my greatest inspiration. Then compositions by Pritam Chakraborty has always won my heart. There are a number of music directors in Bollywood who have also made me love the music more than ever.

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