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4 Happy-go-Lucky Flatmates and 1 Sanskaari Dad – ‘Raita Phail Gaya’ is the dramedy to watch this week

The Hungama Original Series is now streaming on MX Player for FREE

By Sandeep Hattangadi | They led the perfect bachelor life – a large bachelor pad, amazing flat mates, loving girlfriends, unending parties, and non-stop booze.

But imagine an unwelcome surprise visit from your ‘sansakari’ parents, and even worse, them getting a taste of your happy-go-lucky bachelor life? Filled with drama, role reversals, and a complicated chase for love, Hungama Original Series Raita Phail Gaya is a dramedy that promises to leave you in splits. The series is now streaming on MX Player, for FREE.

‘Raita Phail Gaya’ is a story of two friends Shanky (Sahil Chabbra) & Harry (Sumit Manak) who seem to lead the perfect bachelor life, doing everything that their families might consider nothing but sins, until their world is shaken by an unexpected visit from Shanky’s father Chunnilal (Ajay Paul).

The two try to present a decent lifestyle to Chunnilal, who is the epitome of ‘sanskaar’ but things take an unexpected turn when Chunnilal finds himself in love with Harry’s aunt Vidya Buaa (Nilofer Gesawat). This love story soon turns into a love triangle with their landlord Lalchand (Mukesh Shiv Shankar) also falling in love with Vidya Buaa.

This five-episodic bite-sized series is a laughter riot that witnesses the picture-perfect bachelor pad soon being upended and then ensues a hilarious clash between sanskaar and Chunnilal’s newfound abandon to win over Vidyaa.

Directed by Abhishek Pareek, the series sees Sahil Chabbra, Sumit Manak, Ajay Paul, Nilofer Gesawat, Mukesh Shiv Shankar, Nishi Singh, Avani Arora, Akash Chaudhary, and Sammrat Sehgal in pivotal roles.

To know more, tune into Hungama Original Series ‘Raita Phail Gaya’ on MX Player and watch this rollercoaster clash!

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