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Aman Mishra Dz: Music Is A Thing That Can Change Our Mood And Empower Us

Music is a thing that can change our mood and empower us. Music has also a dream to make career in his field. Generally we listen music according to our mood. A lyricist tries to touch in your mood and singer tries to touch his vocals in the mood following this time we are discussing about a singer songwriter composer and music producer Aman Mishra Dz. Aman Mishra Dz is an Indian singer, Lyricist, Composer and Musical Producer. Born on 25-08-2007 at Dewal Chamoli, Uttrakhand India in a middle class family. He started his musical career from December 2020. He told that he listen a song named “Ek Tarfa [Reprise]” by Darshan Raval. After listening the song he think that he will write his own song and he started his journey from a Lyricist to a Singer. At 14 November 2022 he released his first song “Tum Bewafa Ho” which crossed 1.7 million+ views in a month. After this he released his first cover song “Is Qadar” which is originally singed by ‘Darshan Raval’ and ‘Tulsi Kumar’ lyrics by ‘Sayyed Qureti’ and music by ‘Sachet-Parampara’ music on ‘T-Series’. After this he released his megahit ‘Dil Tera Ho Gaya’ on 10 January 2021 but unfortunately the song was copied by ‘Music World’ named channel and takes legal rights of songs in the behalf of Music World from source audio holdings. He makes copyright claim against the video but YouTube stands it that was a false claim and blocked his channel without any notification. This video cross around 2.9 million+ views in 3 days. He continued his work and opened a new music label named “Shorts Dz Music India”. He start working to Re-reach his audience and he continuously uploading video on his channel now his friends Rajiv Kumar and Tanishk Bhatt were supporting very much in this work. He also awarded by many awards like- Billboard Music Awards, B.B.C. Music Awards session January 2022, iTunes Music Awards, YouTube Music Feast & More. 

Biography Of Aman Mishra Dz 

Original Name- Aman Mishra 

Stage Name- Aman Mishra Dz 

Parent- Hem Chandra Mishra, Beena Devi 

Brother- Pankaj Mishra 

Sister- Bhawna, Lata Lohani 

Age- 25/08/2007 (15 years at 2022) 

Relationship- Single 

Spouse/Girlfriend- N/A 

Education- Studying 

Occupation- Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Producer, Music Producer, Youtuber 

Height- 5.7 Feet 

Eye- Brown And Black 

Skin Colour- Light White 

Weight- 55Kg (Approximate) 

Company- Shorts Dz Music India 

Musical Career-: As we talked about Aman Mishra, he started his musical journey from Song ” Tum Bewafa Ho”. He Says that he learns music by YouTube tutorial and songwriting from listening songs. He say that he Tools Darshan Raval as his musical teacher and started his journey. He released his 12 songs on his YouTube channel which are given below-: 

1-: Tum Bewafa Ho 
2-: Dil Tera Ho Gaya
3-: Taara Tuteya 
4-: Faasle Orignal Motion 
5-: Na Bhoolna Tu 
6-: MahaShiv: Main Shiv Ka Hoon 
7-: Mujhe Sharaab Pina Sinkha Diya 
8-: Main Roya Extented 
9-: Baarish 
10-: Tujhe Yaad Karein 
11-: True Birthday Vibe: Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhine 
12-: Samajh Na Paoge 

Aman has 2.7k+ followers on Instagram and 5.9k+ Followers on Facebook, 12.77k+ follower on twitter and 1k+ followers on LinkedIn. He believe that his Family is very much supported for his so far journey. He also performed in Live concert in Surat, Gujrat.

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