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A Man with Golden Heart Serving Humanity: Dr Shankar Gouda

The person seating on the wall, wearing ordinary clothes, bare feet, writing something on a piece of paper with a pen costing 3 rupees only.

He is Shankar Gouda, MBBS, MD from Kolkata Medical College. He is from Mandya, Karnataka.

He does not have his own chamber. Because it needs at least several lacs rupees to build a chamber. But he does not have that much money

He stays in 2 room small house which is far from the city. So it’s difficult for patients to go that far for treatment.
So, everyday he reaches the city by 8 in the morning and sits outside a fast food restaurant and examines hundreds of poor patients. He also prescribe cheap, generic medicines.
Do you know how much he charges?
He charges only 5 rupees, Yes, only 5 rupees. A doctor with a MD degree charging only 5 rupees from the poor patients.

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