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Love Song of the Year Out: Sareaam Mohabbat featuring Habib Mithiborwala

Unrequited love and music video are a perfect combination that works wonders for the heart and soul of almost every individual – After all, we all have had that ‘one love’ in our life that has left us broken and shattered.

With the launch of Sareaam Mohabbat on SongsBasket, actor and producer Habib Mithiborwala once again takes us back to our younger days when we had a crush on our friends but they never reciprocated back. Thankfully, Habib Mithiborwala’s Sareaam Mohabbat is quite hopeful as the unrequited love finally wins over in a very dramatic way, of course with lots of twists, turns, and uncertainties. 

Quite melodious with a great storyline and performance, the song revives the pop culture era of the 90s where romantic music ruled the chartbusters. The song by Altaaf Sayyed is so dreamy and soothing that it hits listeners immediately just like the trending songs on the Instagram reels. Even Sudhanshu Pandey of Anupama fame has affirmed to make a reel on the song during its mega launch in Mumbai.

The event that was graced by the likes of Bollywood and TV stars including Rajpal Yadav, Pankaj Berry, Sunil Pal, Taher Shabbir, Nivedita Basu, Avi Mittal, Shivani Gosain and IRS Sahil Seth not just wished great success to the love song of the year but also requested their fans to hear the song on its official YouTube channel.

The beautiful song that is quite appealing to the eyes has been directed by Vivek Sawant and the lovely lyrics that have been framed by entangling Hindi and Urdu words have been beautifully penned down by Atiya Sayyed. Interestingly, the perfect combination of song, music, lyrics, choreography, and cinematography works wonders on the lead actor Habib Mithiborwala and his star lady Priyanka Chedda who also happens to be the associate producer of this soulful song.

This is not the first song where Habib Mithiborwala is seen wooing the audience with his charismatic appeal. Earlier this year he was also seen in another romantic song Rab Kho Gaya featured on T-Series official Youtube channel Pop Chartbusters. He was also the producer of the song. Sareaam Mohabbat meanwhile has crossed 3.80 lakh views in just 9 days and is being loved and hummed by music lovers across the globe. He dedicates his success to Almighty Allah, his family which has been with him in this journey and to everyone who has blessed him with their support and blessings.

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