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Don’t get stressed for social media following- Manasvi Vashist

By Sandeep Hattangadi | Actor Manasvi Vashist is currently seen playing the role of Aryan Singhania in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is quite active on social media, in a candid conversation we asked if the boom of social media creates any pressure of getting more followers and likes, he says,” I don’t feel any pressure as such but I see a lot of other celebrities and influencers fretting about followers and likes on Instagram. This has become a thing these days. But, I don’t think that your instagram followers’ count is sufficient enough to gauge your popularity as a lot of your target audience, especially in the showbiz industry, may not be active on social media. One shouldn’t therefore stress a lot about the same.”

When asked how much is he addicted to social media he says,” Well, I do keep a check on how the audience reacts to my work on social media platforms and that’s all about it. The only thing I care about is to grow as an actor and to bring out the best in me. Greed for work or greed for followers? You choose.”

When asked if it bothers him that actors are selected on the basis of their social media following, Manasvi believes,” I’m not fully aware of this but I’ve heard about this. As I said, it sounds unfair to prefer someone with more Instagram followers over someone who’s more talented.”

Also, talking about his thoughts on people posting bold pictures to gain attention, Manasvi has a different take, he asserts,” I feel it’s simply a matter of choice. Everyone should be free to post anything they wish to, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. I’d certainly encourage everyone to be bold enough to post anything they wish to, but they shouldn’t stress about gaining followers.”

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