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I’m Aware Of The Rejections I Faced: Shruti Haasan

In her recent interview Shruti talked about the lockdown and how it has changed her, the actress stated, “Besides, the lockdown has allowed me to spend some time and get to know myself better. Apart from writing music and pros, I also did some photoshoots on my own with all the hair, makeup and camera handling done by me alone. I really learnt a lot about it.”

She also opined on the topic of Nepotism once again and said that there is favouritism and groupism in the industry. This is what she said, “I understand the value my surname holds and I understand that it opened the door and there is arguing or debating that.”

She added, “But there are also things like favouritism and campism that exists. But I can tell with my hand on my heart that yes though the door opened for me because of my surname, but I am very well aware of the work I have put in and the rejections I faced.”

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