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Jay Soni opens up about shooting for Twisted-3 amid pandemic says, it is very risky but, in the end, you got to work

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has brought about the worst phase for the entertainment industry. With all shoots halted, cinema halls shut down and huge losses that are being incurred by the industry, Bollywood is struggling to keep up.

And finally, as the TV shoots have already resumed and Bollywood too is gradually inching towards the beginning with their shoots, actors are striving hard to protect themselves from the clutches of the Coronavirus.

Surely, the actors are the most vulnerable on a set as while shooting one can’t wear masks or gloves. In the past few months, we have heard about so many actors testing positive for Coronavirus.

Recently, Sasural Genda Phool fame actor Jay Soni has also been in news for resuming his shoot after a long time. The actor is currently shooting for his next web series, Twisted-3. We got in touch with him to know about his experience of shooting in these difficult times. We also wanted to know what precautions he takes to steer clear of the disease and the probability of it. He tells us, “It is very difficult in these COVID days to shoot. I am making sure to wash my hands, keep sanitizing everything I touch or eat.”

Jay further mulls on how work can no more be postponed even though it poses a risk of contracting the ailment, “Yes, many actors have got the virus while shooting and it is very risky but, in the end, you got to work and you just can’t sit at home. Honestly, I was really bored sitting at home, so I started shooting, and yes, on set I take precautions. Now, it’s like, if I touch something then I make sure, I don’t touch my face or eat anything with the same hands before sanitizing. My mind has started calculating. I think it has started to work like a robot which is now controlling my body”.

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