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Sidharth Shukla wants to marry a girl like Nikki Tamboli: We are in love and it is final!

By Sandeep Hattangadi | On day 3 of the Bigg Boss 14 episode, senior Sidharth Shukla and contestant Nikki Tamboli were seen having fun and light-hearted discussion in the bedroom area over marriage and love. During night time, senior Gauahar Khan asked Nikki what she felt for Sidharth Shukla. Gauahar also jokingly said that Sidharth was waiting that he will participate in this season only if Nikki joins. Responding to comments, Sidharth piped in and said that indeed he was.

Gauahar teases Sidharth that if Nikki falls in love with him, what will he do then? Sidharth then says that they both love each other and even start singing, “Khullam khulla pyaar karenge hum dono.” Gauahar also asks Nikki how much she loves Sidharth, to which she replies “a lot”.

Sidharth also says, “We are in love and it is final. She is the girl.’

Nikki also announces that ‘Sidharth is a marriage material’. Jasmin Bhasin, who was also a part of this conversation, asks Nikki if she is sure of her feelings and wonders if she will suffer after marriage.

Sidharth again jumps to her rescue and says why will she suffer, as Nikki blushes the entire time.

When Gauahar asks Sidharth if Nikki has all the qualities he is looking for in a girl, he replies, “Nikki jaisi hai, aisi ladki chahiye.”

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, Nikki Tamboli will be seen doing a sensuous rain dance with senior Sidharth Shukla. The latter seems to be enjoying all the attention. However, it is Nikki Tamboli and Sidharth Shukla’s chemistry that seems to be raising their romance angle.

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