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Vishal Kapoor (VK) has made a remarkable style statement once again with the 3 sets of awards series!

The founder & director Vishal Kapoor (VK) has made a remarkable style statement once again with the 3 sets of awards series.

Vishal Kapoor (VK) Founder & Director of Panache Runway along with his advisory board member Habib Mithiborwala giving due recognition to the achievers with Pananche Image Awards 2021.

(L-R) Vishal Kapoor (VK) and Habib Mithiborwala

Vishal Kapoor who has created a name for himself in the field of fashion is recognizing people’s efforts giving Award’s by Panache Image Awards from last 3 years successfully.

PANACHE IMAGE AWARDS 2021– Where Bollywood, Page3 Celebrities, Elites & Dignitaries from industry like ISMAIL DARBAR, PUNEET ISSAR, NISHA RAVAL, KARAN MEHRA, PARITOSH TRIPATHI, RAAJ SHAANDILYAA, JEET SINGH , JINNIE JAZZ, SAHIL SAINI (Founder and CEO), Bombay Film Production Magazine & many more were awarded for their expertise in their respective fields. The Honorable chief guest was Mr. RAJESH BHARUKA the Managing Director at BHARUKA CONSTRUCTIONS all over the INDIA.

(L-R) Vishal Kapoor, Rajesh Bharuka, Puneet Issar, Ismail Darbar, Habib Mithiborwala
(L-R) Habib Mithiborwala, Ismail Darbar, Vishal Kapoor, Nisha Rawal, Karan Mehra
(L-R) Vishal Kapoor, Rajesh Bharuka, Ismail Darbar, Habib Mithiborwala
(L-R) Vishal Kapoor, Mrs. Nidhi Kapoor, Ismail Darbar, Rajesh Bharuka
(L-R) Rajesh Bharuka, Vishal Kapoor, Habib Mithiborwala, Ismail Darbar
(L-R) Vishal Kapoor, Rajesh Bharuka, Zafar Pirzada, Ismail Darbar
(L-R) Rajesh Bharuka, Vishal Kapoor, Abhijit Mhatre, Ismail Darbar
(L-R) Vishal Kapoor, Ismail Darbar, Raaj Shaandilyaa, Nisha Rawal, Karan Mehra
(L-R) Vishal Kapoor, Paritosh Tripathi, Ismail Darbar, Rajesh Bharuka, Habib Mithiborwala

QUEEN’S LEAGUE GOLDEN AWARDS 2021– Taking an initiative Fashion designer Vishal Kapoor (VK) has designed an exclusive coffee-table-book & a golden lady trophy for 17 crowned queens all around the India to celebrate their achievements & journey by felicitating them with a dignitary walk. The queens also walked the ramp in style and received a gift hamper along with the coffee table book.

Vishal Kapoor (VK) with Queen League Golden Awardees 2021

VK’S PANACHE RUNWAY – MAN & WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2021 – The face of panache as brand ambassadors were announced by (VK) Reyansh Sharma – Man Of The Year and Kavitha Kishore – Woman Of The Year.

(L-R) Vishal Kapoor (VK), Kavitha Kishore, Habib Mithiborwala, Reyansh Sharma, Simran Ahuja

This year also saw recognition to Magazine Publication as well Conferring Sahil Saini (Founder & CEO) Bombay Film Production Magazine with black lady trophy for India’s Most Promising Film, Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine.

(L-R) Rajesh Bharuka, Sahil Saini, Ismail Darbar, Raaj Shaandilyaa, Habib Mithiborwala

Host are the one who keep the event very alive and thrilling with their talent and skills.The celebrity host of the event were Habib Mithiborwala, Simran Ahuja and Priyana was red carpet host.

(L-R) Rajesh Bharuka, Simran Ahuja, Ismail Darbar, Habib Mithiborwala
Laxmi Basnet and Subarna Khadka

The official Celebrity Host were HABIB MITHIBORWALA , SIMRAN AHUJA and PRIYANA as red-carpet host. The committee members forms an integral part to make an organization successful. The core committee members this year Mrs. Nidhi Kapoor, Habib Mithiborwala, Zafar Pirzada and Abhijit Mhatre.

Panache Image Awards 2021 Host- Habib Mithiborwala
Habib Mithiborwala with Co- Host Priyana

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