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Aashi Bagga: Hustling Her Way To The Top

Aashi Bagga a Fashion Diva & Sparkling Actor in conversation with Bombay Film Production Magazine

A top model knows the difference between confidence and attraction. Aashi Bagga is one such model where she brings expression with confidence and attracts the audience with her appearance.
A sensation of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh since 2017. She completed her schooling and graduation in Kanpur. Fashion is her heart and soul and loves exploring new trends and concepts. Starting her career as Miss UP 2017, at the mere age of 18.
She has bagged numerous badges to her shoulder.
From various fashion weeks to celebrity guest, including Honoured by H’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh Ram Naik, Raj Bhawan, Lucknow, 2017, Marvellous Records Book of India, By H’ble Cabinet Minister Rita Bahuguna and H’ble Dy. C.M. Dinesh Sharma, Lucknow, Dec, 2018, Miss Central India 2018, TGPC Talent of The November Month Winner 2020, National Women Achievement Award by Amar Ujala on Women’s Day, Unnao, Mar, 2020.
Miss Multimedia 2020.

Apart from this, she is very much active in social works.
“My dreams were just scattered bricks, but my parent’s support has made them into a reality. I knew I will do it because not only me but my family also believes in me.” Aashi Bagga recently has worked as Leading Actress in song ‘Sardarni’ (A Jass Records production). Now, her future plans are to stretch her capabilities further and become name and fame of Bollywood Industry. If you are curious enough to know more about this Diva, as the great people say…“Google Her”.

Q. How would you describe yourself?
I would like to describe myself as a stubborn girl who is highly passionate about Fashion, Modelling and Acting.

Q. When and why did you choose/decide to pursue acting/Modelling as your profession?
I don’t have an exact date or day. But this passion for stage and screen is in me since my childhood and It’s only been growing ever since. But yes, a major shift came in when I decided to participate in Miss UP. 2017. From that day, it has been no turning back. It was not so easy decision for me because it was the time to take a stand for my dreams. But there were numerous questions and doubts, messing up with my head. But I won. I won the contest also at the age of 18 only. This is how it all got started. And now I am the part of industry.

Q. Would you like to share the initial difficulties you faced in your career?
The difficulties were numerous if I start to count. Initial difficulties were over coming the mindset of being a small town girl. “This work is meant for big city girls and blah blah.” Then comes the amount of opportunities. To overcome this, my parents decided to shift to Kanpur and from there it all started to get in shape. I started to guide myself from various fashion shows which were there over the television and around. Then we all know with good names comes bad names too. I have been threatened by multiple people, saying they will end my career in a night. There have been multiple attempts to make my fake profiles over various social media platforms. Two times there have been fake videos produced using my name. This all created a completely depressing atmosphere. I stopped talking to anyone. But where there is a will there is a way. I fought the every odd and won each battle with dignity. There is a famous saying, “The only way out of a difficulty is to go through it.” So I just want to tell everyone out there that you can only achieve your dream by working on it day and night. Just don’t give up on your dreams.

Q. How do you prepare yourself as an actor? What kind of exercises do you do?
Acting is a tough job. For those moments, you have to be someone else. You have to be the character you are playing. You must feel it. One needs to prepare and practice for it every day. I want versatility and variability in my roles. I want to be able to do justice with whatever kind of roles my job puts in my plate. From serious to comic roles, from emotional to action roles, from sanskari to erotic roles, whatever it is, I must be able to deliver the appropriate amount of feelings and sensations. So I am practising on my own skill sets to achieve this.
I practice various roles on camera. Then I see, examine and retry them to achieve a certain kind of perfection. Actually acting is a life times training. For every new role I work hard enough to bring out the best in me.

Q. Who/What motivates/inspires you in life and profession?
Whether its life or profession, my father has been my all time motivation. Parents are always concerned about their child’s future, and so were my parents, especially my dad. In the beginning even he was very doubtful of what path will my career go, he had his own doubts and questions which were obvious. But he never asked me to drop my dreams. He did all he could, to make it possible for me to be where I am today.
How to fight the odd and bad situation in life has always been taught by my father. Keeping the patience is the mantra my father has given. So in short my father is the real motivation of my life. He is my shield, he is my power, he is my guide.

Q. What have you learnt about your profession over the years?
The one thing which I have learnt about my profession in these many years is that, this industry is very dynamic. It keeps on evolving and transforming by adapting the various changes. Be it Fashion, Film, Make-up, Event concepts and many more things. It means you can never call yourself an expert. All you can call yourself is an experienced and that plays a key role here. See this is a creative field and creativity has no limits, so you must not limit yourself to one type of activity or creativity. One has to evolve every day and work day and night to constantly bring some new, beautiful, amazing and outstanding creation to keep going in this profession.

Q.How do you keep your mental and physical health fit?
For my physical fitness, I eat good and healthy, I eat appropriate – No less, No more.
For mental health, I keep myself engaged in my work. You see my profession is not just a work. I live to do what I love to do. It gives me positive energy and keep me motivated and going.
In fact If I stop working, even for a day, it feels like I am missing on my life.

Q. What is fashion for you?
Fashion for me is an statement which has no sound to hear and no words to read. It is just an impression/a feel to understand what I am and what my journey has been. Fashion for me is much more than just wearing attractive clothes, it is something which defines me, creates an aura around me and makes me feel more confident about myself. It gives me power to put my presence in any work I do and any place I visit or any people I meet. it’s a part of my identity.

Q. Few beauty tips for our readers?
In this difficult situation, most important thing to be beautiful is to keep your heart free of all the negativities.
Be humble, kind, lovable and helpful. Second is to be proud of yourself. Whether you are the white and shining or the Brown and the Sexy or the black and the hot. Your colour is the real beauty and if you try to change that, you are doing wrong with your true natural beauty. And last but not least, keep your skin tone even, use natural ayurvedic products to keep skin healthy, eat lots of green veggies, drink green tea, eat less oily and more of nutritious food and then see the magic.

Q. If you had an opportunity to change something in the film/fashion industry what would it be?
Talking about the film industry, I think I am yet not eligible to speak about the changes I can bring. Because first, I have to be the part of the system only then I can talk about its goods and the bads. Also, improvement is a continuous process. It will never be like I change one thing or two thing in the industry and the industry turn out to be best. No, this never happens.
You improve one thing and something else goes wrong and so one always have to maintain the balance. The same applies for fashion industry, there is not just one thing that I want to change or I try to change. But yes, whatever change I try to bring to fashion industry which falls in my perimeter, it is to make sure that it bring a sense of improvement in the entire fashion family I am working with.

Q. Being in show business, does it put pressure on you and how you handle it?
It does. No matter how or famous or big you become. In fact, the more name you have, the more pressure it creates. Show Bizz is a place where we get to meet lots of big names in industry through various events, contests, shows, parties, etc. There are lots of cameras and eyes around you to capture each and every movement. A single mistake and it gets recorded in social media, print media, various news platforms, etc. So definitely there is pressure. But this is how we learn, and this is how I have learned. Pressure will always be there but time teaches you how to handle it and so has been my way to learn it all.

Q. Any Passion you want to peruse that you don’t get time to?
I am living my passion. I am living my dream. And I have nothing else to do. This fashion world is not just my work, it is my life and I enjoy every part of it. From best things to worst things, all gives me immense happiness that this life that I am living, is the best because every single day I do what I love to do. So if you ask what I could be if not this? So I would say just like how a body without soul is, so am I without my work.

Q. To whom would you like to give credits of your journey till now?
The credit starts and ends with my family. Without their immense support and belief in me, especially my Mom and Dad, it would have been impossible to be where I am. My dreams were just scattered bricks, but my parents support acted as the cement to glue them up.
Yes the house is yet not built completely, there are lots of milestones yet to be achieved, but I know I will do it because not only me but my family believe in me.

Q. Anything else you want to say or quote?
YES – Just One Thing:

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