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Ajay Jaiswal of Apeksha music is reliving the 80’s melody with his album ‘Suno Apne Dil Ki’ in this new age.  The album has songs sung by Kumar Sanu and composed by DJ Sheizwood. Jaiswal says, “ in these times of cacophony he is bringing out a 80’s styled melodious romantic song. There is always a listener who wants to listen to soft romantic melodies and Apeksha music has always endeavored to cater to such a listener’ which not only entertains but also inspires and we have done so with the King of Romance Singer Kumar Sanu.

We have always brought out albums which have an old world  charm and we will continue to do so. We are very particular about the albums and songs which we bring out. We revere old classics and nurture new and good talent and we want to give a pleasurable and exciting experience to our listeners. We will always stand by of our motto to give good and tuneful music. We have such a responsibility to keep.  The rainy season is a very romantic season and so we have brought out a song to define the romanticism of the rains and ‘Suno Apne Dil Ki’ is such a song that you can enjoy in the rains with a cuppa of tea. The magical voice of Kumar Sanu will mesmerize you and stay with you forever and composer DJ Sheizwood is a very gifted composer and it will revive our romantic memories which had a backdrop of Kumar Sanu’s songs. And ‘Suno Apne Dil Ki’ is one such romantic number.

Sanu says, “ Music is a feeling which can make you compose and sing songs and that’s why I have sung this song on the romantic backdrop of  rains  and I am thankful to Ajay Jaiswal and his team at Apeksha Music to not only bring out this hummable melody but also a song which tugs your heartstrings and soul which even a new age listener will like. My experience of working with my favorite composer DJ Sheizwood has a never before quality and creativity because we brought out this song during the lockdown when people were going through a difficult period and we could only achieve this because of the hard work and the immense innocence of Ajay Jaiswal and his entire team at Apeksha Music. Because of the social distancing norm we completed this song through video conferencing and other digital technology.

DJ Sheizwood says, “ Romance is a beautiful feeling which can bring out passion and happiness in anyone’s life and it can lift any person who is down with sadness and melancholy and listen to their heart with this song ‘Suno Apne Dil Ki’ is one such song which can give a lot of happiness to the listener.

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