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Baiju Mangeshkar’s Familial Tribute With Malhaar Baithak’s ‘The Mangeshkar Legacy’, A Digital Baithak

September seems to be a rather cherished month for the illustrious Mangeshkar family of India. Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar, who is fondly referred to as the Queen of Melody while Padma Vibhushan Asha Bhosle, arguably the most versatile playback singer in the history of the Indian film and music industry.

Interestingly both the sisters were born in the month of September! Asha Bhosle, who just celebrated her birthday in a familial celebration at Lonavala, while the family gears towards celebrating Lata Mangeshkar’s birthday on the 28th in the coming week! What grabs our attention is what Baiju Mangeshkar, their nephew has in store for us! A musical treat celebrating the legacy of the Mangeshkar family.

Baiju Mangeshkar, the new generation torch-bearer of this illustrious musical family, has been invited to make his presence felt by the Malhaar Baithak to share some interesting anecdotes and back stories!

The musical troupe, composed of students from the U.A.E., will pay an endearing tribute to this musical legacy and the family’s famous classical compositions in an interactive session with Baiju! “I am delighted to be invited as a guest to witness such an honourable tribute to my aunts, my father and the entire family,” he avers.

Yours to witness is the digital baithak live on the official handles of Malhaar UAE on Facebook as well as YouTube on the 25th of September, 7:30 PM IST.

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