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Pearl V Puri, Jay Soni and Megha Ray on CBI probe for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case!

By Sandeep Hattangadi | Like many celebs, even Pearl V Puri, Jay Soni, and Megha Ray expressed joy after learning about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case being handed over to the CBI.

Naagin 3 fame Pearl V Puri said it’s the best news he has heard in days. He said, “This is the best news I have heard in days. All of us were devastated by the loss of our friend, but what has been going on after that was really disturbing. Sushant’s case deserves a CBI inquiry for justice to be served. It’s a huge victory for Sushant, his family, and all the people who have been demanding justice, and I would like to thank all the warriors who have been supporting the Justice for SSR movement.”

Whereas Jay Soni Said “I would like to add that it is a good and positive sign. It’s high time that his case will get some clarity.

Sushant was a friend. When he was doing TV, our sets would be side by side and we used to catch. I used to look up to him that a guy from TV has gone big in Bollywood. So if he can, other TV actors can. It has taken a big hit. I am really happy with the verdict.”

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai actress Megha Ray shared, “I have been supporting the #CBIforSSR movement for quite some time. I did find something fishy about the case. I am not someone who follows movements or noises on social media blindly. I like to think for myself. The number of inconsistencies and questions that were arising, I think Sushant deserves justice. He was a role model for all of us newcomers from TV.

It is hard to imagine what he went through. I am not disregarding mental health. It’s a huge victory for those who have been demanding justice. Also, I feel it’s a huge sign that people can stand up for what is right and their plea will be heard.”

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