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What is your opinion about marathi film industry today and the problems facing it?

 Now the present scenario for the overall film industry is very gloomy and uncertain.. Still its not clear when theatres will get open.There are more then 40 films due for release.The million dollar question is the response from the audience once theatre will open.We are trying to get best favored deals from Exhbitor and Plexes in favor of Producer due to lockdown effect..I feel a couple of good commercial release will create positive atmosphere in market.

What is the result at the box office of the films you have released recently?

Takatak was the blockbuster film and highest grosser film of last year with 15Cr. plus revenue..Moreover We have 12 films lined up for release which got stuck up due to lockdown.Last film Ibhrat stuck up and showed only for 3 days.

Bhaybhit, Koti did a excellent business among recent films. Tell us something about your publicity business.

We have got exclusive tie up with CCD LED screen all over Maharashtra for the promotion of Marathi film and with ST Bus station all over Maharashtra we have exclusive promotional rights for Films.We also have special deals with reputed outdoor company like Minimax for Marathi film outdoor promotion.We are also in trading of Satellite OTT and other rights of Films

How much is your friend and partner Hrishikesh Bhirangis contribution to your success?

Rishikesh is a very hard worker and got very cordial relation with all Multiplex Chain Scheduling Manager,Exhibitor,and Theatre owners,His Predictions about success and Box office collection is most of the time true . He suggest innovative strategy for exploitation of film in Theatres.Being an artist and a creative person his tips for Trailer ,and Promo along with poster design is very usefull for promotion o film.

What are your forthcoming Marathi  films?

We have a big line up which is stuck for release–Zol Zal,Darling, Pakad, Jeevan Sandhya, Panty, # Prem, I love Aishwarya and so on..

Next year we have some big Sequel of the year  lined up for release,,JUst wait for one more big News from Pickle soon.

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