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Shruti Haasan: You should not hesitate to reach out for help when it comes to mental health

Shruti Haasan to not only learn how to live alone and enjoy her own company, but also explore various creative things. The actress-singer in a recent interview, admitted that she has undergone talk therapy, which has done wonders for her. Emphasizing on the importance of mental health, Shruti said that people needed to reach out when they needed help without the fear of being judged.

Talking to Chennai Times, the actress said, “There’s cheap, affordable, and valuable mental health apparatus available now — there are online sessions, discussion groups, support groups for people recovering from the virus, for the family of those who have a COVID-19 positive person or someone who has lost a loved one. There are support groups for those dealing with isolation and trauma. This is the time when we have to realise it’s OK to not be OK. We can’t be functioning at our optimum 100 per cent level because there’s so much loss and anxiety. So, please talk and create a support structure for those who need it.”

ShrutiHaasan, who is very active on Instagram, often shares inspiring posts. From sharing her thoughts to encouraging her followers to stay strong, and posting her goth make-up looks, the actress’ Instagram handle is an engaging and quirky mix of pictures and videos. Her most recent post is a black and white close-up of her face, which she captioned, “The things that possess me are a part of me – love, art and words – I live to feel this in all its depths and turns I choose to be the echo to my inner voice and amplify the truths I’m constantly searching for – I love the shadows and I bask in the sun I feel through the moon and always aim for the stars.”

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